I've been in front of audiences in one way or another most of my life.  I am well grounded in theater, and I am as comfortable with Shakespeare as I am with Simon and Sondheim.   I have also had the great good fortune of appearing in several world premiers, playing characters no one has ever played before, a dream I'd had since my teens.

As a Voice-Over Artist, I studied with LA's legendary Loop Group and have worked in markets across the country.  I studied acting some of the L.A.'s best, as well.  I have a BA in Theater from William and Mary, and a Master's in Voice–Music Theater from New York University.  As a singer, I have performed 1-woman shows in many venues in San Diego, but my most recent was here in Baltimore: Out of This World, a very well-received salute to Rosemary Clooney.

Recently, I started doing my own talk radio shows.  Gotta tell ya, folks, I'm really good at this, maybe better than at acting.   (Is that possible?  Naaah!)   My Internet radio talk show, In Other Words…, airs 10am eastern Tuesday mornings at www.pwnradio.net and podcasts are always available at Podbean.  I also cohost Team Radio with Patsy Anderson every fourth Friday at 1pm eastern on Radio One WOLB 1010am.